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Website Projects by Matthew Klodt

Contact Form Lead Export Plugin | WordPress Plugin Development

Contact Form Lead Export plugin for WordPress - by Matthew Klodt

Created my own custom Digital Marketing/Sales plugin for WordPress based websites. My plugin allows website owners to download an XML file of their online contact form leads for easy import into their CRM systems, sales tools, affiliate programs, etc. Custom coded all aspects of the plugin using PHP, HTML and CSS. Plugin can be found on at:

Green Gorilla CBD | Responsive Website Design, Technical & Keyword SEO, Server/Database Management & Online Marketing

Green Gorilla Organic CBD Official Website by Matthew Klodt WordPress Expert & Proven SEO

Green Gorilla is an organic CBD manufacturer and distributor both wholesale and online. I began working full-time for Green Gorilla in early 2018, at a time when CBD products were just legalized and starting to explode as a widely recognized supplement. I was immediately put in charge of managing their 8 - 10 websites, domains and dedicated server, which hosted them all. Besides maintenance, my job was to create a new strategy for their main website ( to increase our online sales and online presence through SEO, online marketing/advertising, a new website design, and optimizing our website speed and usability.

Some of the major projects I completed while working at Green Gorilla included, 1) Revamping our entire SEO strategy with extensive keyword research, keyword implementation into page titles/meta descriptions/page content/images/etc, and technical SEO to increase and optimize our website speed, 2) Setup multiple advertising accounts with platforms who allowed CBD ads, such as Mantis and Traffic Roots, and continually monitored and optimized all advertising campaigns to continually target the best audience based on our customer demographics, 3) creating and implementing a brand new website design, 4) Purchasing and setting up a new dedicated web server with better performance based on our current/future website requirements and then migrating all of our websites to the new server 5) Helping setup a new affiliate program by setting up tracking code to track affiliates sales/commission and teaching our digital marketer how to use Chrome extensions to determine the amount of traffic and users a potential affiliate’s website currently receives, 6) Assisting our Europe division in creating a similar website for our online sales in Europe at

Gorilla FarmCo | Responsive WordPress Design & SEO

Website Management including Online Marketing & SEO by Matthew Klodt

As one of the first and only seed to shelf certified organic hemp based CBD companies, Gorilla FarmCo is a sub-division of Green Gorilla Organics. Gorilla FarmCo is Green Gorilla's hemp farm where they grow all their USDA certified organic hemp for their organic CBD products. I designed, developed, researched and implemented the keyword and technical SEO for The website was made live in December of 2019, so at the completion of this project, there weren't enough traffic statistics to show any quantified amount of users. However, given the size of Green Gorilla and the fact that they're sold in over 1500 stores nationwide, Gorilla FarmCo has a promising future, especially being one of the only certified organic seed to shelf hemp farms and CBD companies. Be sure to give them

The Organic Artisan | My Affiliate Website

Website Management including Online Marketing & SEO by Matthew Klodt

The Organic Artisan is a my own personal project which is an affiliate website that promotes organic foods and ingredients. The website isn't complete yet as I haven't finished the design and haven't completed any SEO on the site, but it is almost like my child currently. When I'm not working or spending time with friends and family, I am working on The website has helped affirm with myself that I have chosen the perfect career for myself in web design and SEO because even after a long day of work, I'm able to come home and relax by doing the exact same work on my own website. If you're in the market for any specific organic foods or subscription food plans for high quality organic meals, let me know and I can point you in the right direction!

Wink Martindale | Responsive Website Design

Wink Martindale Official Website by Matthew Klodt Responsive Web Design & Proven SEO

The Official Website of Legendary Entertainer Wink Martindale. Wink Martindale came to me when he needed a completely redesigned and updated WordPress website, including his online store, specially designed for an iconic radio and television personality. After only 4 bi-weekly in-person meetings and 2 months solid work, I gave Wink a website designed and developed responsively, improved technical SEO, as well as e-commerce functionality all built in a WordPress environment. Wink remains a steady client with continuous improvements made by myself, Matthew Klodt.

VoicePrint International | Dynamic Web Design, Development & Expert SEO

VPI - VoicePrint International Dynamic Web Design and Targeted SEO by Matthew Klodt

Since 1994, VoicePrint International has been focused on building innovative call recording and workforce optimization software for contact centers and public safety organizations around the world, developing the world’s first open architecture call recording system nearly two decades ago. I worked for VPI for over 7 years continuously re-branding, responsively designing and optimizing our entire online presence. This massive website included management of our main website, blog, and V-Portal administration interface. My projects included adaptive website design, development, keyword & technical SEO, PPC/SEM, database & server management, and working with various APIs such as YouTube v3 working in both a hand-coded environment as well as with WordPress. Even after their aquisition by NICE Systems in 2016, my efforts helped maintain VPI as a leader in the call recording and workforce management industry for almost 8 years.

EZ Spanner | Responsive Web Design & SEO Expertise

EZ Spanner Responsive Website Design by SEO Expert Matthew Klodt

EZ Spanner approached my employer needing an entirely revamped, responsive website design and search engine optimization strategy using modern techniques to sell their patented ratcheting wrenches for fire hydrants online using a platform that would be easy for them to manage orders & sales with. I designed, built and optimized a brand new website that met all these requirements including technical & keyword SEO, a distributor portal where distributors could register and login to view business critical resources, and e-commerce capabilities using WordPress with Woo-commerce. EZ Spanner also needed some custom functionality added to WordPress to add shipping and tracking information to their customers' order shipped receipt emails using a very specific shipping plugin that worked with their carrier. I added this functionality using custom PHP code to retreive this information from their database and display it responsively in their customer's 'order shipped' email. Their new website has been successful ever since completion.

Turbo Shine Car Wash | Mobile Friendly Web Design

Turbo Shine Car Wash Website Design by Matthew Klodt

Turbo Shine Car Wash is a franchise with 9 locations spanning from Central to Northern California. Turbo Shine asked me to build them an entirely brand new responsively designed and mobile-friendly website accentuating their company's state of the art computer controlled car wash systems that minimize unnecessary electric and water waste. Using WordPress, I created a responsive design and built a brand new website that the Turbo Wash owners were ecstatic over.

Black Orchid LA | Optimized Website Speed & Design

Black Orchid Los Angeles Responsive Website Design and Expert SEO by Matthew Klodt

Black Orchid Los Angeles is a Southern California organization specializing in interior design. Having an image heavy website, Black Orchid needed a massive increase in website speed while keeping it's beautiful responsive WordPress web design in-tact. I was able to accomplish an average site speed increase of around 7 seconds by implementing proven technical SEO strategies and trusted plugins along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript updates to meet and exceed expectations.

A Private Affair | Website Design & Speed Optimization

A Private Affair Website Designed Responsively with Expert SEO by Matthew Klodt

A Private Affair A Private Affair is a brick & mortar store selling women's intimate apparel located in Southern California who needed my responsive design & SEO expertise to update their website's design with a mobile-friendly look and feel as well as decrease their website loading times and increase it's page speed score. I put together a mockup for a new website design, a list potential areas for improvement regarding SEO, and corresponding strategies to help accomplish their specific goals. Several weeks later, the new website was launched on a new hosting plan, web server with increased technical SEO, a responsive mobile-friendly look and feel, with a simpler user workflow to quickly direct customers to their products and into their brick and mortar store locations.

Coast 2 Coast | Responsive Web Design

Coast 2 Coast Responsive Website Designed by Matthew Klodt

Coast 2 Coast is a construction services company with over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry specializing in general construction waste containers, rentals and other related services for customers nationwide. At the time I was contracted, the company was losing potential clients and current customers due to the lack of a company website or any major presence online. After sharing my ideas for a responsively designed WordPress website, I installed, setup, created and uploaded a brand new mobile friendly, adaptive website design built on the WordPress platform for a satisfied client Coast 2 Coast.

Precision Painting | Expert SEO & Online Marketing

Precision Painting Online Marketing by SEO Expert Matthew Klodt

Precision Painting is a Family owned Commercial and Residential Painting Contractor serving multiple counties in Southern California. While they were happy with their website's design and usability, they wanted to increase page speed, keyword rankings and ROI from PPC campaigns and other SEM. I engaged the task by completing keyword research, technical SEO and page speed updates, as well as PPC campaign optimization and alignment within their industry and targeted demographics in Facebook and Google Adwords. The end result was a reduced cost per click and cost per conversion rate, higher ROI, and another satisfied client who maintained a constant and steady supply of work for my employer.

Thousand Oaks Electric | Responsive Website Design & SEO

Thousand Oaks Electric Responsive Web Design and Professional SEO by Matthew Klodt

Thousand Oaks Electric is a locally owned and operated full-service electrical contractor in California’s Greater Conejo Valley area. The owner wanted to reflect this in their localized search engine rankings to increase business and boost local sales. My tasks in this project included moving their WordPress website to a new host, creating a brand new website design, optimizing their page speed scores, and applying local SEO strategies to help boost their website to the top of their localized Google and Bing rankings. Within a couple months, the project was completed on schedule to the amazement of another very happy client.

National Utility Cost Reduction(NUCR) | Adaptive Website Design

National Utility Cost Reduction Mobile Friendly Website Design and SEO by Matthew Klodt

National Utility Cost Reduction offers utility bill consolidation-type services to other businesses and corporations nationwide. As a recently created company, NUCR needed a brand new responsively designed website, built using the WordPress platform, with a strong emphasis on usability and ability to draw in new customers as well as returning business. I created wire-frames and mock-ups that included some of their adaptive design ideas and presented them to the agreement of the client. I then created a responsively designed WordPress template to suit their logo, color scheme and users potential needs.

Touch Germ Block | WordPress E-commerce Subscription Products

Matthew Klodt WordPress Ecommerce with Woo-Commerce for Touch Germ Block

Touch Germ Block sells a sanitizing continuous spray proven to kill 99.99% of disease causing germs for up to 6 hours with most of their sales being driven directly by their website and organic search traffic. They sell many different variations of this product and came to me wanting to start selling subscription/recurring versions of their spray products, but without the know-how of this type of e-commerce optimization within their WordPress site. I was able to setup these subscription products with a free add-on and some custom PHP code in their original online store.

Tax Response Center | Expert Technical SEO & E-Commerce Setup

Tax Response Center Expert Technical SEO Optimization and WordPress E-Commerce Setup

Tony from Tax Response Center, a tax relief agency, found my services through an employee/friend and asked me how I could speed up his website, remove errors, and add an e-commerce intergration to his existing WordPress based website. We agreed upon a proven strategy of technical SEO best practices, removal of unused plugins, setup of Woo-Commerce and creation of several services that he offers as products purchasable through the responsive website. I created these products and finished all applications of mobile friendly technical SEO for the website, speeding up the loading times by over 5 seconds.

Presidential Estates | Mobile Optimized Website Design

See the Responsive Website Design by Matthew Klodt for Presidential Estates

Presidential Estates is residential real estate firm and servicing all counties & areas of Southern California. As a newly established business Presidential was missing an online presence and in need of a complete responsive website design setup including hosting and expert SEO services all within WordPress. I was able to achieve their desired goals within 6 weeks including a gallery full of their work, and setting up Presidential Estates for a profitable return from their newly established online platform.

The Industry Experts | Responsive Website Design & Optimization

The Industry Experts Optimized Responsive Web Design by Matthew Klodt

The Industry Experts is an alcohol consulting company, was founded by Will Salao, a 20 year veteran of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The Industry Experts needed a redesigned responsive website to advertise their alcohol consulting services built within a WordPress environment. responsive mobile friendly website design created and implemented by SEO expert Matthew Klodt.