Web Design & SEO Expert Matthew Klodt

“What I love about Digital Marketing, SEO & Web Design is that it's consumed and enjoyed worldwide. Therefore, my work gives me the opportunity to have a positive effect on an unlimited amount of lives everyday.”

Hi, I'm Matthew Klodt, a web designer/developer by education, and search engine optimization expert with an emphasis in technical SEO by trade. During my 12+ year career I’ve worked in almost every area of Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development including managing small teams of employees to achieve goals set by myself as well as my employers and clients. From Online Marketing and SEO, to Web Design and Development, to Database and Server Administration, I’ve never been afraid to take on projects to give my employers and clients an edge in the online community. I have been blessed with the intelligence to learn and adapt quickly to new technologies and methods as well as the ability to multitask between different projects simultaneously. This variety of work my career encompasses has given me a substantial amount of experience in all areas with proven methods and results based on data and analytics. Please contact me about expert SEO, online marketing & web development services.

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